The Missing “How” in Effective Employee Development

June 19, 2024

In today’s dynamic work environment, especially given the impact of AI, career development is a vital component for both employee satisfaction and organizational success. It ensures a continuous process of skill enhancement, personal growth, and professional advancement that results in organizational agility.  However, despite widespread acknowledgment of its benefits, talent development efforts often fall short, leading to costly turnover.

The #1 Reason Employees Leave

A 2023 report published by Cornerstone & Lighthouse Research found that 61% of employees quit their jobs due to a perceived lack of career opportunities. This should be a wake-up call for executives and team leaders, highlighting that current efforts are insufficient and if left unaddressed, will impede team and organizational performance.

The Undermining Effect of Lack of Employee Empowerment

A significant barrier to successful career development programs is the lack of employee empowerment. Many organizations fail to encourage and equip employees to take ownership of their career growth. Instead, the responsibility often defaults to managers, who are expected to drive the development process.

Similarly, employees frequently wait for managers to initiate and guide their career development. This passive approach can lead to stagnation, as managers may not always have the time or resources to focus on individual career paths. And even if the manager does initiate development paths, the employee must ensure they align with their personal strengths and career ambitions to reduce the risk of frustration or burnout.  Without proactive involvement from employees, career development efforts are doomed to failure.

What’s Missing

To overcome these challenges, organizations must create a culture of accountability where employees are encouraged and supported to take charge of their professional growth. Managers should play a supporting role, acting as facilitators and mentors rather than development drivers, fostering an environment where career advancement is a collaborative effort. What is often missing is clarity on the part of employees as to which career paths will generate the greatest energy and satisfaction, and left to their own devices, people will often stick to what is familiar to them.  

tru® Provides the How

tru® offers an innovative career development platform that places employees in the driver’s seat of their individual career progression. Built on three pillars—employee accountability, manager facilitation, and organizational support—tru® provides the following tools:

  • Self-Discovery Tools: tru helps employees identify their unique strengths and preferences that emerge while achieving at a high level - their Achievement DNA. By understanding their intrinsic motivators and strengths, employees can make more informed decisions about their career paths and seek development activity or roles that align with their true selves.
  • My Path Forward: The platform helps turn insights into action and facilitates the setting of personal and professional goals based on individual career aspirations and organizational needs. Employees are empowered to take ownership of their development by setting achievable goals and actively working towards them, supported by organizational resources and guidance.
  • Continuous Feedback and Coaching: tru® provides a framework for continuous feedback and development, where employees can receive regular coaching and guidance from certified coaches or their managers. This helps employees stay on track with their development plans, adjust goals as needed, and continuously develop their skills and competencies.
  • Dynamic Role/Skill Assignments: Leveraging data from Achievement DNA profiles, tru® helps managers identify projects and roles that align with individual strengths and career interests. Employees feel more engaged and valued when they work on tasks that resonate with their skills and interests, enhancing job satisfaction and productivity.
  • Personalized Career Pathways: Based on insights gained from the self-discovery process and actions taken to pursue strengths, tru® allows employees to visualize potential opportunities within the organization that align with their aspirations and strengths, giving them a better sense of direction and purpose. Employees rate their progress and keep managers in tune with their efforts, ensuring momentum is sustained over time.


Career development is fundamental for fostering a motivated, skilled, and engaged workforce. tru® provides a foundation for all three essential elements – it equips employees to drive their career, enables managers to facilitate, and empowers the organization to support professional growth. This approach helps individuals to become the best version of themselves, harnessing individual contributions and driving sustainable organizational success.

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