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Do you need to invest more in employees to retain them?

Are your team members doing what they're meant to do?

Are your employees achieving all they can?

Our innovative platform yields deep individual insights for organizations, leveraging Achievement DNA to improve business outcomes.

We drive performance from the inside out.

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Why tru?

Business leaders face unprecedented workforce and productivity issues in a challenging environment. tru™ Strength Realization offers a new way to engage the hearts and minds of employees:

  • Improve performance.
  • Increase employee retention.
  • Equip front-line managers for better team development.
  • Differentiate your company culture.

tru™ reveals what is uniquely fulfilling to each person, creating a solid foundation on which to build your company's success.

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of employees are not engaged in the workplace.
of employees are considering leaving their jobs
higher profitability at companies with an engaged workforce
greater revenue at companies with good company culture

Our Process

tru™ takes your employees on a self-discovery journey, not an assessment, that delivers much more.

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Identify Peak Experiences in which high achievement and high energy flow were present.
Analyze Peak Experiences to document the steps taken with the corresponding levels of satisfaction and energy on the way to big accomplishments.
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Unpack the Roles, Needs, Values, and Skills involved that make up each person's best self.
Describe and understand the ideal work environment to support peak performance.
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Build a plan to express your truSelf in work.
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truSelf Portrait = Achievement Pattern + Achievement DNA.

Understanding how employees are most fulfilled in pursuing achievements allows you to assign the right work to the right people at the right time. Unlock the potential that is already within your company!

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  • Discover how to unpack each person's truSelf.
  • Focus on environmental factors that help people thrive.
  • Visualize deep data that drives organizational results.
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