Susan Schwartz



San Francisco
The River Birch Group

About Me

Susan Schwartz is a leadership and management coach who transforms expert professionals into excellent leaders.  Based on her experience leading global teams, she takes a practical, Emotionally Intelligent approach to equip professional experts with tools to build cohesive, collaborative, and happy teams.  Her passion is fostering inclusive workplaces that encourage people to bring their full human-being to work.

Susan published Creating a Greater Whole:  A Project Manager’s Guide to Becoming a Leader, which unlocks the not-so-secret secrets of how aspiring managers can become strong leaders.  Its practical “outcome-tested” strategies and thought-provoking questions offer organizations and individuals a tool to craft a customized framework to help groups create something larger than themselves.

In addition to many years of experience working with global teams, she holds an M.S. in Organization Development and Knowledge Management. She is an adjunct instructor at UC Berkeley and UC Santa Cruz and a guest lecturer at Georgetown University.

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