Gaining an edge in the war for talent

June 22, 2023

An area of increasing importance for leadership consultants is helping business leaders compete in the war for talent. Companies find themselves managing the tension between inflationary pressures that could result in staff reductions and the desire to retain their best employees in the face of The Great Resignation.  

According to the 2021 Deloitte Human Capital Trends Report, “COVID-19 has reminded us of the dual imperatives of worker well-being and work transformation, but executives are still missing the importance of connecting the two. Organizations that integrate well-being into the design of work at the individual, team, and organizational levels will build a sustainable future where workers can feel and perform at their best.”

And workers don’t see eye to eye with company executives.  While Deloitte uncovered that one of the top objectives that workers believe work transformation should address is “improving worker well-being”, it was the second-to-last outcome identified by executives.  As the researchers noted, “In a world where organizations are increasingly expected to deliver impact beyond shareholders to all stakeholders, executives who deprioritize well-being as a goal of work transformation are missing a huge opportunity.”

Leadership consultants can act as trusted advisors in helping business leaders bridge this gap. The reality is that many people arrive in their jobs due to a series of circumstances that may not have any connection to their true purpose in life. But in the day-to-day scramble to keep the business operating well, there may not be adequate focus or understanding of how to bring out the best in each team member. Companies that can equip their employees with personal insights that unlock satisfaction will be at the forefront in retaining the best people.  

Some key questions to ask clients include:

  • How many employees are satisfied in their work?
  • When big achievements take place, are people energized or fatigued?
  • Do company leaders tailor assignments to align with team members’ unique strengths?
  • How well do individual development plans unlock new sources of employee satisfaction?
  • How well do employees get teamed with others who hold complementary strengths to take on ambitious work?

Consultants now can deliver an innovative self-discovery journey that reveals each person’s truSelf and Achievement DNA, identifies sources of energy and satisfaction, and gives front-line managers powerful insights to create a more satisfying work experience for their team members. Talk to us today about adding tru™ Strength Realization to your portfolio.  

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