"Your dad completely changed my life" (a tru origins story)

March 14, 2024

Last year I attended my 40th high school reunion.  Halfway through the event, a gentleman approached who I recognized as Bill, whom I had known from early childhood but have not seen since then. [How Bill's story could help your business be tru (vimeo.com)]

Bill said, “Do you remember me”? and I said, “Of course, you still look the same!” – and I meant it.

He then added, “Did you know that I had worked with your dad for career counseling because I really had no idea what I wanted to do in life?” No, I hadn’t, actually, and then I heard Bill’s clincher - “Your dad completely changed my life.”  

That certainly got my attention.  Bill went on to explain that my dad guiding him through Strength Realization provided him with clear direction that led to a successful, satisfying career and that eventually led to Bill starting his own enterprise.  

Although my father passed away in the year 2000, this was not the first time someone has shared their sincere appreciation and affection for the transformation that had taken place in their life through my father’s work.

The human condition has progressed in many profound ways over the past several decades, but people still struggle to find the pathway to a meaningful and satisfying career.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that individuals born in the latter years of the baby boom held an average of 12.4 jobs during their career. With the record number of people changing jobs during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, that average is likely to keep climbing.

For many, however, job and career satisfaction remain elusive, a mystery or puzzle that is never quite solved. History suggests that people are not very in tune with their intrinsic needs for satisfaction, making relatively haphazard career decisions that often don’t pan out.  In Stumbling on Happiness Dan Gilbert explores this issue in an eye-opening way.

It made me wonder – how many people can relate to Bill’s struggle to figure out what career direction to pursue? And how many have found an answer or roadmap that transformed their lives?

Based on the number of Google searches on the subject, a significant majority of people really struggle to find meaning and personal satisfaction in their work life.

Millions have pursued personal discovery through one of the many one-off assessment tools available in the market. However, many find that the insights received lack enough practical application to unlock personal transformation or to provide a clear roadmap to individual gratification and lifelong personal satisfaction.

That’s why we’ve built tru™ - a career discovery and development platform designed to provide deep insights into one’s truSelf. We have developed and continue to refine an innovative methodology based on Dr. John D. Rom’s lifetime of research and experience to uncover each individual’s unique strengths that are revealed in their most-significant achievements. This opens a clear path to better utilizing those strengths in daily work life, resulting in higher satisfaction and well-being.  

If you can relate to the beginning of Bill’s story – where he did not have a clue how to navigate his desired path in life – then tru™ Strength Realization just might be the key to unlocking satisfaction and purpose in your work life. And your story could result in the same type of transformation Bill experienced, a richer life that benefits you, your employer, and society as a whole.  

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