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November 13, 2023

With remote or hybrid work becoming the norm for many companies, managers have become the primary connection point between employees and the organization. Business leaders across all industries are looking to technology investments that support emerging managers in the hopes of turning competency and confidence into a strong company culture and improved business results.

Nurturing professional development and creating a meaningful career path for team members can be daunting for first-time managers. The tru™ Strength Realization platform creates a common framework and vocabulary that managers and employees can use to identify what is most fulfilling. Here are a few ways companies can leverage this technology to help improve emerging managers’ ability to have a positive organizational impact.

Instill an open mindset

A first-time manager usually has degrees of freedom beyond what they perceive. It is important that they explore a range of possibilities to generate the best results. Keeping team members motivated and offering personal and professional growth opportunities may require assignments that are not part of day-to-day job responsibilities. Once a team member generates their truSelf Portrait and discovers their most-satisfying skills and roles, managers can offer creative ways for each team member to express their truSelf. Someone who seeks greater use of their creativity may be given more opportunities to brainstorm new ideas to solve problems, improve business processes, or create service offerings. A team member who enjoys analysis may be called upon to support their peers with dashboard metrics that communicate team performance. An effective manager will include regular development experiences in each team member’s work mix rather than have people leave for greener pastures.

Tailor communication to each employee

Communicating effectively with team members may be among the biggest challenges facing emerging managers. While it is natural for anyone to favor their own communication style, effective managers will instead focus on a personalized approach that matches each employee’s preferences. With the insights generated by tru™, a manager is better equipped to have authentic communication that caters to each person’s top values and needs. Employees with a stronger need for understanding might merit more detailed explanations of how decisions were made, while a manager may fine-tune their listening for a team member who values caring or empathy. Tailoring communication also helps make every person on the team feel valued and improves ongoing alignment.  

Help team members make connections

Emerging managers are often entrusted with this position by demonstrating their ability to deliver results, collaborate well with others, and understand the broader business context. However, if a first-time manager is stuck in “survival mode” trying to figure out how to succeed, they may miss opportunities to engage and support their direct team members. As employees review their truSelf Portrait for the first time, they may want to explore other jobs or departments that may be a better fit for self-expression. 66% of employees accept a job only to discover they are a poor fit. Managers can guide employees to “interview” leaders from other functional areas, create opportunities for cross-functional collaboration, or pursue skill expansion or certification in areas that align with their most-satisfying skills, roles, values, and needs. Assisting team members in networking and navigating the organization reveals more reasons for employees to stay – even if it ends up being in a different job or department – and can have a big positive financial impact.  

Reduce pressure of owning employees’ career paths

Managers often avoid having career development conversations with employees. In some cases, managers may fear that employees want a raise or a promotion that they are not empowered to provide. However, the self-imposed pressure managers feel can be overcome by focusing on guiding, supporting, and shepherding their team members along their career journey. Many people lack a fundamental understanding of what motivates them, and tru™ Strength Realization empowers participants with deep personal insights that provide clarity to their quest for meaning and fulfillment through work. Their manager can help identify where their aspirations and strengths align with company objectives and needs. “The Great Resignation” saw record number of people taking control of their future and seeking greener pastures, but many landed at a new employer only to find that similar limitations or frustrations persisted. The right amount of awareness, guidance, and assistance from their manager can help talented people direct a meaningful and promising career path within their existing employer.  

Investing in technology to support emerging managers can yield a significant positive return for your business, and tru™ Strength Realization can help you drive performance from the inside out.  Want to see how tru™ works? Sign up for a demo today.

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