Retaining employees in today’s workplace

March 14, 2024

The LaSalle Network 2023 Talent Index indicates that 85% of people surveyed in October 2022 and January 2023 reported they would consider leaving their jobs in the next six months. The report states, “simply keeping employees ‘satisfied’ isn’t enough to retain them.” The report indicates that “career cushioning” – people casually scrolling job boards or submitting resumes in case there may be a faster path available to getting ahead – regularly takes place even among satisfied employees. The report makes several recommendations for companies to protect themselves from disruptive employee turnover.  

tru™ Strength Realization offers a powerful tool for companies to highlight the unique strengths of their employees so work can be more fulfilling. Several points from the LaSalle Network report present opportunities to make company efforts even more effective using the fruits of tru Strength Realization.

LaSalle Network Recommendation - Nurture the most-satisfied, high-potential employees by offering them stretch goals or additional assignments

tru™ Strength Realization Enhancement - Align stretch goals and additional assignments to work that generates energy and satisfaction for employees based on their Achievement DNA  

LaSalle Network Recommendation - Conduct career path and succession planning discussions throughout the year, not just during the annual performance management review

tru™ Strength Realization Enhancement - Expand 1:1 discussions to go beyond skills and roles to also include needs and values that are most significant to each employee

LaSalle Network Recommendation - Offer professional development opportunities to employees that are foundational to career growth

tru™ Strength Realization Enhancement - Emphasize development opportunities that align with Achievement DNA factors to make work as fulfilling as possible

LaSalle Network Recommendation - Build belonging among employees by creating an environment of psychological safety that allows people to be authentically themselves

tru™ Strength Realization Enhancement - Establish a common language and framework for employees to express their unique strengths; foster partnerships among employees where they help each other succeed based on what uniquely energizes them

LaSalle Network Recommendation - Conduct stay interviews to get a pulse and identify high-impact items that may affect engagement and retention

tru™ Strength Realization Enhancement - Measure how much employees are utilizing the most important aspects of their Achievement DNA day-to-day and take action to close any gaps that emerge; focus on environmental factors that correlate with those present during employees’ top achievements

LaSalle Network Recommendation - Fix engagement issues among managers

tru™ Strength Realization Enhancement - Equip front-line supervisors with the tools to be more effective in helping employees increase fulfillment through their work


BreakThrough Performance Systems and tru™ Strength Realization offer practical solutions for unlocking employee potential and improving results. Whether you are a consultant, coach, or practitioner, let’s start a conversation about how tru can help you!

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