Top tru® Takeaways from Transform 2024

March 14, 2024

We were excited to attend our first HR Conference, Transform 2024, a progressive HR community focused on the future of work – to join in the critical HR conversations taking place and introduce tru® to the enterprise marketplace.  

This was a great experience to meet thought leaders, influencers, and providers shaping this future environment. For those who were not able to participate, several highlights on some key themes that surfaced.

  1. Talent is king, but companies still struggle to hire, retain, engage, and develop their people. The implications and costs of high turnover have never been more evident than in listening to leaders at the conference. Companies are investing heavily in skills-based recruitment and development. Employees are looking for greater purpose and balance in their work lives.

  1. AI is here to stay, but not everyone has figured out how it will impact HR and work in general, and we need to remember that AI is just another tool.  The opportunities are boundless to enhance talent management, but it takes real effort to search through the myriad capabilities; so really understanding your use case and objectives is paramount.  

  1. Employee wellness was a resounding theme. HR leaders have a much greater appreciation for the mind, body, and emotional wellbeing of employees and are making strides to create more harmony between work/life balance.  But some critical questions remain: to what extent should organizations fill this role?  And, how equipped are organizations to take on this challenge?

  1. Gen Z is a catalyst to this workplace transformation underway.  They’ve questioned everything that organizations do, forcing leaders to introspectively question their own methods and approaches.  This group demands a career path and formal guidance in professional growth, companies to align to personal values, and community connection.  With 54% disengaged, and 34% looking to leave within two years, organizations have a tall task to retain and grow their key talent.

From start to finish, Transform 2024 was an action-packed, well-organized event.  A big shout out to the Transform 2024 team and Samara Jaffe for building HR leadership and community around the future workplace!

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